Nicole Reyes

Nicole Reyes

Buyer Specialist

A lifelong Colorado resident, Nicole discovered her passion for real estate at an early age. Even before graduating from CU, she had purchased her first home. She has since owned 16 properties across the front range. “My experience as an investor, homeowner, and house flipper makes me that much more valuable to my clients. I can’t say I’ve seen it all, but definitely a lot.” Nicole has crafted a 360-degree view of her job. “I see representation as a measure of my own value in getting my client their dream house. Communicating, Listening, Negotiating, and knowing the market.”

Not just listening but actively visualizing what someone says is a key secret to her success, as well as watching closely for nonverbal cues. Known for her even-keeled, disposition, Nicole can keep the momentum moving forward and her clients energized even if it is a challenging situation. “One of my strengths is not allowing the lows to bring me down. I treat setbacks as learning experiences.”

Besides caring for her family, she treats bringing people together, forging relationships and building trust as her main purpose in life. Nicole is passionate about the parent group she founded in her community. “I started this based on my experience of relocating to Northern California for a short time and struggling without a safety net.I organize monthly get togethers, connect people with other new families and vital resources like doctors and vendors.” She likes to provide the same service and resources for her clients.

As if life were not frenetic enough, Nicole and her husband Gabriel, have a son and daughter both in elementary school. She laughs that their age prepares her to deal with the colorful personalities and fluid situations a Realtor faces every day. Nicole’s kiddos are following closely in her ski steps, learning on Copper Mtn where she has been carving up the slopes since she was just four years old. In whatever spare time remains, Nicole volunteers at the Evergreen schools, coach’s soccer, hikes/bikes and plays tennis. When you call, ask Nicole about her favorite biking trails.

“What is grit Grit is refusing to give up. It’s persistence. It’s making your own luck” – Peter Diamandis


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