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Listing Representation & Services

In representing clients for over 25 combined years, Heather Graham and Sean Endsley treat every client and transaction with a standard of consistent daily excellence knowing that every step is crucial. Best efforts are required at every stage to create best case scenarios for their clients.


Your initial consultation is confidential, where your needs are understood and your insights are respected. Your interests and concerns are addressed responsibly by seasoned agents. We understand that while we are the experts in our industry and area, your expertise in your property is unsurpassed. Clarity and a demonstration of ability are crucial ingredients for the success of this meeting. A level of standards and future communication are set.

Property Evaluation

A professional evaluation is key for the required surefooted first steps of selling any property. After an inspection and consultation of a subject property is carefully considered a pricing strategy will begin to emerge. Macro area conditions and micro area statistics are used with a host of other pricing tools to produce a suggested marketing price range that allows the Seller to choose a pricing strategy best suited to their needs.


Highly proficient marketers with a deep understanding of residential marketing, Heather and Sean are armed with a full set of tools, available only through the LIV Sotheby International Realty brand and possess an in depth understanding of digital marketing. As experienced top-producers we understand how to fully utilize a combined Global reach with positioned local focus for outstanding results. Marketing technology is evolving daily while the strength of the fundamentals remains the same.

Representation, Contracts & Negotiation

Representation is perhaps one of the most important and at the same time, overlooked components of a successful transaction. It is our personal mission to ensure that every skill, wisdom, tactic and strategy we possess is used to the benefit of our clients and every motivation and confidence known by us stays with us. Our technical skill with contracts, negotiation ability and die-hard representation are some of the first reasons to consider our services.

Transaction Management

When the transaction is agreed to and pending, considerable work still has to be done. Title work, inspections, appraisals and further due diligence differ from transaction to transaction but they all have two things in common. The devil is in the details and skills matter. Your interests still require representation and safeguarding through the final filings and funding.

A great team isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity

Work With Us

We believe in working differently, client representation is our priority and self-measure. Our commitment towards representing our clients interest guides and fuels our every effort and process. Heather Graham & Sean Endsley 303-895-4663 | [email protected]